Win-Win: Everyone Benefits from Adding Data Virtualization to Your Data Integration Toolbox

TIBCO Data Virtualization Toolbox
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As a die-hard University of Texas alumnus, there is nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon cheering my Longhorns on to victory. And those victories are especially sweet when they are at the expense of archrival University of Oklahoma. Sports are like that. Someone wins. Someone loses.  

But in the business world, win-win is often a far more desirable outcome than win-lose. That’s what I like about data virtualization. By adding data virtualization to your data integration toolbox, everyone can win across your organization—from data consumers to data engineers.  

We’ve already discussed why data virtualization needs to be a part of your data integration toolbox. But beyond having the right tools to perform their work, how do users across the organizations benefit from data virtualization?

A Win for Data Consumers

With data virtualization, data consumers benefit in several ways including:  

●  Business-friendly data: Deliver data in a business-relevant way instead of how it is stored in IT schemas. Maintain consistency with business definitions so everyone is on the same page.

●  Faster time-to-data: Take advantage of the latest data from across distributed data sources. Provision new data requests quickly and react rapidly as requirements change.

●  Self-service data access: Users can focus on how to apply data to a range of analytics and applications while technical teams focus on how to provision and manage it.

A Win for Data Engineers 

Data engineering teams also benefit from adding data virtualization via: 

●  Reduced IT costs: Data virtualization requires a fraction of physical warehousing and ETL time and cost without the rigidity. Lower data engineering demand and fewer data copies mean significant savings.

 Stronger governance and security: Enforce access controls across all your data. Comply with regulations including those that require encryption and masking.

●  Enterprise scale: Support diverse demands driven by multiple lines of business, hundreds of projects, and thousands of users while meeting your most demanding SLAs.

And when data consumers and data engineers are winning, your organization can move faster and smarter and win more of the market. Win-win-win!

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So, ready to see everyone win? Team up with TIBCO® Data Virtualization, an enterprise solution that orchestrates access to all your data sources and provides sophisticated data management for better decision making. 
And, for more on how to win with data virtualization, read this whitepaper on five next-generation data virtualization innovations that are driving greater business value for organizations.