Your Guide to All the Content That’s Playing at TIBCO NOW 2020

TIBCO Now 2020 Connected Experience
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In the last few months, you’ve probably been spending more time on your couch and in front of your TV than usual. We’ve spent more time with our streaming services than our friends and coworkers. 

We were inspired by the easy-to-consume nature of TV and streaming services to create the TIBCO Connected Experience. Through this immersive, engaging event centered around creating sustainable innovation in your organization, we’re committed to helping you come up with new, innovative ways to delight your customers and keep your business in a continuous state of reinvention.

It’s truly going to be a binge-worthy season (think Netflix meets your favorite social network), complete with five different channels. But, that’s just the beginning. We’ve gone full-on “X Games mode” (as the TikTokers would call it) to bring you different “shows” (topics) and “episodes” (sessions) that allow you to take full advantage of the TIBCO Connected Experience. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the channels, shows, and the types of episodes you can expect to see in the guide.

Center Stage Channel: Keynotes, TIBCO4Good 

The Center Stage channel (offered free to all attendees) will feature our “Keynote Session” and “TIBCO4Good” shows. If you want to watch soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe converse with six-time F1 world champ Lewis Hamilton, and foodie, activist, author, and TV host Padma Lakshmi chatting with TIBCO’s CMO, Fred Studer, add “Keynote Sessions” to your queue. If you want to learn how the global industry and thought leaders address some of the most challenging social, environmental, and economic issues with data and learn some tricks of your own, then “TIBCO4Good” is for you. 

Vision & Value Channel: Customer Stories, Hot Innovation Topics, TIBCO Product Updates

Want to know what is coming down the pike with TIBCO technology and how customers are using it? Our Vision & Value channel (also offered free to all attendees) showcases the best-of-breed content when it comes to emerging technology and innovation. “Hot Topics” features the best and the brightest panelists debating facts from fiction on tech topics that continue to intrigue us all and will surely fire up your innovation spark. 

We love our customers and helping them achieve business goals beyond even their wildest dreams. Tune into “Customer Chronicles” on the Vision & Value Channel where you’ll go behind the scenes and learn how TIBCO customers are surpassing the competition and see if they relate to your own real-world challenges. Lastly, if you are looking for the latest innovations and enhancements with TIBCO technology, “Binge-Worthy Bytes” gives you the inside scoop into what’s coming next. 

Discover Now Channel: Partners, Sponsors, Relaxation, Fun & Surprise Content

The Discover NOW channel (our last channel free to all attendees) will feature our “Partnering for Success”, “Reconnect & Recharge”, and “Innovation in Action” shows. Watch “Partnering for Success” if you want to learn how our sponsoring organizations are finding success with their customers using TIBCO technologies and how you can do the same. In between your scheduled breakout sessions, tune in to the “Reconnect & Recharge” show for special guests, interviews, and of course, some surprises! To get a first-hand look into how TIBCO technology supports sustainable innovation, flip to “Innovation in Action” to watch demo presentations from TIBCO NOW sponsors and TIBCO leading experts.

TIBCO NOW Digital Plus and Educate Pass Holders Only (Exclusive Content)

For our NOW Digital Plus or NOW Educate pass holders, you’ll want to regularly visit the NOW Plus channel for our “Analyst Perspectives”, “Ask-Me-Anything”, “30-Minute-Geek Out”, and “Tips and Tricks” shows. Do you want to know about the rise and impact of data for smarter, faster decision-making? Tune into “Analyst Perspectives” to watch Forrester’s analysts cover a number of emerging tech topics such as AI-based Digital Decisioning, Auto ML, and Model Ops. Join TIBCO’s executive leadership on “Ask-Me-Anything” to learn about creating sustainable innovation, TIBCO’s role in the global economy, and their unique takes on the future. On “30-Minute Geek Out”, dive deeper into some of the capabilities, applications, and use cases that define TIBCO’s technology leadership. Searching for a shortcut path to nailing a tough problem? Looking for best practices perfected by TIBCO consultants and customers? “Tips and Tricks” focuses on tools that you can use immediately to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts.

And for our NOW Educate pass holders, tune into the NOW Educate channel where you will be able to watch our “Product Knowledge Trainings” and Deep Dive Lab Sessions” shows. On “Product Knowledge Trainings”, learn the fundamentals of our most popular technology solutions in just two hours. This will give you all the information you need to take the Level 1 certification in the TIBCO product of your choice. For more experienced users of TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO Spotfire, our “Deep Dive Lab Sessions” dive into several key features of the products. These courses are longer and require advanced sign up due to limited space. 

Our scheduler is now LIVE so you can create your customized, binge-worthy queue. As a reminder, you have to be registered to access the platform. If you have not done so yet, register for TIBCO NOW and check out the agenda to see when content is playing in your timezone.

The number one challenge enterprises face today is maintaining their innovation momentum. Innovation is a necessity to compete in today’s constantly evolving, and increasingly competitive environments. Click To Tweet

The number one challenge enterprises face today is maintaining their innovation momentum. Innovation is a necessity to compete in today’s constantly evolving, and increasingly competitive environments. At TIBCO NOW 2020 you’ll learn best practices to achieve long-term innovation to keep your business in a continuous state of reinvention. We call it “Sustainable Innovation.” Join us!