How to visualize your Kafka Data in 5 Minutes in the Cloud with no code

TIBCO Cloud Data Streaming
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’re using Kafka, chances are you have lots of data floating around and no way to analyze it. Getting insights from Kafka can be difficult. And, it is impossible to get insights from Kafka without knowing how to code. All of the current analytics tools on the market that are able to connect to Kafka are complicated, expensive, and require hardcore software development experience. They also don’t give you a real-time view into your Kafka data since they require the Kafka data to flow first into a database, and THEN be analyzed. TIBCO has taken a completely new approach to this challenge and created a no-code, SaaS product that we call TIBCO Cloud Data Streams that analyzes your Kafka data in real time. 

This solution makes it extremely easy to connect to Kafka topics and get that information flowing to business users via streaming dashboards. TIBCO Cloud Data Streams enables access to real-time data from, for example Apache Kafka, MQTT, and TIBCO Cloud Messaging, and feeds them automatically to visualizations in Spotfire. That means that business users can now analyze all their kafka data in real time!

TIBCO Cloud Data Streams is a zero-install, cloud-based, wizard-driven, real-time streaming BI platform, which means you can leverage the power of streaming data in minutes, with no code, and ease in terms of deployment and infrastructure.

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What’s really cool is that TIBCO Cloud Data Streams allows TIBCO Spotfire to simultaneously work with both historical and real-time data using an ultra-fast continuous query processing engine. By adding historical context to streaming data, users can more easily and quickly detect emerging trends and patterns. With TIBCO Cloud Data Streams, users can compare current events instantly to past trends, predict future conditions, and take action when it matters most. In real time!

We invite you to read more about how to make the most out of your real time data and to request a trial for TIBCO Cloud Data Streams.