Why Cloud is Critical for Digital Transformation Success

Why Cloud is Critical for Digital Transformation Success
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Cloud is arguably the most important area of modernization within IT infrastructure for today’s businesses. It has established itself as the computing of the present—and the agile IT architecture it has enabled is critical to any organization’s efforts to increase efficiency and business resilience. But, even though companies are moving to the cloud for speed and agility, many find that they are not moving fast enough to reap the promised benefits.

Moving to the cloud offers significant benefits for organizations including:

  • Speed and agility to scale up infrastructure quickly and increasing business agility and speed to market
  • Democratizing access to infrastructure that is highly scalable and secure and allows service providers to operate their data center and the infrastructure they run very cost-effectively
  • Better cross-organizational collaboration across departments, processes, and teams
Moving to the cloud offers significant business benefits, allowing for better cross-organizational collaboration across departments, processes, and teams. Click To Tweet

However, organizations suffer from a number of challenges when it comes to moving to the cloud such as:

  • Difficulty migrating workloads, data, and operational processes and integrating on-premises and cloud systems and cloud applications
  • Diverse approaches to modern architectures that need to be reworked for continuous integration, architecture, and delivery processes
  • Addressing both business and technology drivers to optimize the organization 

If you think that your organization is the only one who has challenges with migrating to the cloud, you aren’t alone; there are many organizations out there who have been in your shoes, and they are addressing and overcoming these challenges to propel their own digital transformation efforts. 

MIT Technology Review Insights, in association with TIBCO Software, conducted a survey of 325 senior executives globally and a series of interviews with experts who’ve addressed the challenges of moving to the cloud and the impact that it’s had on their digital transformation efforts. 

Download your copy of this exclusive report from MIT Technology Review Insights so you can learn how global businesses are leveraging cloud to digitally transforming their organizations and examine the business drivers behind their technology adoption strategies so you can make the right decisions in your move to the cloud.