“We Need to be Together in Embracing Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion”: Q&A with TIBCO’s Julian Girafalco

Julian Girafalco, sales operations, started the Pride ERG in the Denver, Colorado TIBCO office
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As a part of TIBCO’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative for the month of June, we are spotlighting employees who are members of our various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), asking them what diversity means to them, how it’s exhibited at TIBCO, and why they participate in an ERG. 

TIBCO: Tell us about yourself

Julian Girafalco: My name is Julian Girafalco and I’ve been at TIBCO for two years. I recently moved from High-Velocity Partner Operations to Sales Operations. I’m based in Denver, Colorado, and I belong to the Pride ERG. 

TIBCO: Compared to other companies you have worked at, what makes TIBCO’s approach to diversity different from others?

JG: Prior to working at TIBCO, I taught in a school district in Southeastern Pennsylvania. While the school was diverse for the region, the teacher population did not represent the students we served, and there weren’t any employee or student resource groups focused on diversity and inclusion. I am happy and excited that TIBCO has been a place where diversity and inclusion are built into the values. I am looking forward to the launch of our ERGs to expand on the culture that TIBCO already established. 

TIBCO: Why have you stepped forward to either spearhead or participate in an ERG? 

JG: My initial interest in the Pride ERG sparked last year when I was at the Denver Pride Parade and noticed that some of our fellow Vista companies had a presence in the parade. I wondered to myself, “Why didn’t TIBCO have a presence? What employee resources/groups does TIBCO have established to promote diversity and inclusion in the office?” My pondering led me to Olivier Lebret, who started a Pride group out of the Paris office. I stepped forward to work together with Olivier and carry his momentum into the Denver office. As the concept grew, it led to the development of the larger Pride ERG. 

TIBCO: Why do you think diversity is important for businesses to support and recognize?

JG: Diversity is so important for a business to support and recognize as it allows a company to be competitive, wide-reaching, and innovative. Our business and our products permeate throughout various verticals worldwide. We are not a homogenous company, we have offices and team members from all different walks of life scattered throughout the world. From what I have seen in my time at TIBCO, we recognize and appreciate our differences. Because of this, we are a stronger and more innovative company that is fit to serve the needs of our customers. 

Diversity is so important for a business to support and recognize as it allows a company to be competitive, wide-reaching, and innovative. —Julian Girafalco, TIBCO Click To Tweet

TIBCO: What do you need in order to find a deeper sense of belonging at TIBCO?

JG: I think that in order to find a deeper sense of belonging we need to be together in embracing diversity, equality, and inclusion from the top down with support at all levels.

TIBCO: What do you like to do outside of work and why?

JG: Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my partner. We have a house located near Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and recently we have been working on a lot of home improvement projects. I love to ski and bike (mountain and road). I enjoy these activities because they challenge my physical and mental abilities, as well as provide me with the opportunity to meet new people and take my mind off everything that is going on in my life. These activities require me to focus on the challenges presented with each sport. 

During the month of June, join us in celebrating the diversity woven within TIBCO and our broader communities. Are you a TIBCO team member? Get involved and join an ERG today, visit TIBCO Connect for more details!