How One Family-Owned Business Laid its Foundation for Success

Cosentino Finds Digital Transformation with TIBCO
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If you would have asked the founders of a raw marble slab wholesale business where they thought the company would be in 40 years, you might not have expected to hear ‘doing international business through a virtual showroom.’ However, that is exactly how the family-owned Cosentino Group, now a $1 billion-dollar global business, finds itself; interacting seamlessly and virtually through its state-of-the-art online kitchen and bath showroom with customers from all over the world.

The company that got its start selling to stonemasons in the regions surrounding the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Europe has gone through several transformations since its beginning. Much of this is due to the shift kitchens and baths have seen over recent decades, going from utilitarian necessities to luxurious statement makers. With high-end materials in high demand, the family-owned business took off. 

The stone slabs themselves weren’t the only thing in demand—customers wanted a full experience. To view inventory, envision what their homes might look like with surface upgrades, and interact with the business to learn more about their options. This meant complete business reinvention for Cosentino. 

As business grew, the company had to set up new distribution centers around the world—and hire people to work at them—in order to keep up with demand. Going global has its set of challenges, though. Cosentino needed to extend its holistic approach to business around the world while also adhering to local regulations. To keep the family-owned culture intact, the company implemented an integration system to keep everything (and everyone) connected. 

Cosentino tried a few different solution providers before ultimately settling with TIBCO. TIBCO offers a single-platform, cloud-based solution that comes with IT support, including off-site maintenance and upgrades (a must for a company with headquarters in a secluded Spanish valley). But for Cosentino, it wasn’t purely a decision based on the quality of the technology—cultural alignment between the company and TIBCO played a role in the success of the project as well. Learn how Cosentino Group went from wholesale granite miners to international digital influencers with the help of TIBCO.