How Fast are you Responding to Shifts in the Market?

Operate and Adapt Faster with TIBCO Integration
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every enterprise faces disruption from the rapid rise and potential impact of data. As customer demands become more complex, brand loyalty is not easily won; it goes to businesses that provide the most efficient and engaging experiences. And frictionless customer experiences come from ensuring that all of your systems are connected and working together. What are you doing to provide that experience and fast? 

In this new ebook, we walk you through how TIBCO is helping enterprise businesses transform the customer experience, operate and adapt faster, and uncover opportunities and reduce risk.

Creating customer experiences that delight

Advances in technology make for better-informed customers with higher expectations. Digital natives today expect fast and efficient business engagements via the most convenient channel, usually their smartphone. But simply enabling a channel isn’t enough. You must also provide a differentiated user experience that helps build brand loyalty—one that delivers an excellent experience through the seamless integration of your digital and physical assets.

In the ebook, read how Desigual created an unlimited shopping experience for its customers by empowering retail staff with up to date information, giving customers real-time visibility into stock and creating a virtual dressing room assistant. Also, learn how Accorhotels streamlined its complex, legacy IT environment to provide its customers with a harmonious customer experience. And, read how JetBlue empowered it’s 21,000 crewmembers to use a unified analytics dashboard so they all have the same information to serve customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. You can also learn how Aeroporti di Roma integrated the numerous facets of airport logistics—including passenger services, retail, food and beverage—into one unified airport ecosystem, leading to better passenger experiences and consecutive top ratings for the airport.

Operating and adapting faster

Creating a flexible digital architecture that can respond quickly to new market forces is key. Customers, financial institutions, partners, regulators, shareholders—each demand that your business quickly meet their expectations. It’s a challenge that requires operating faster, leaner, smarter, and with more customer-focus and flexibility.

In the ebook, read how CargoSmart reduced fuel consumption by 3.5% by operating smarter. Also read how industry giants NASA and T-Mobile are delivering projects to market faster with TIBCO integration solutions. These customers adopted a cloud-native integration solution so they could automate processes and have real time access to their data. All of these companies can now operate and adapt faster, are smarter, leaner, and more flexible than the competition. 

Responding, not just reacting, to market forces

Does the speed of technology today leave you wondering if you’re missing opportunities? Is it leaving your digital business vulnerable to unfamiliar or new risks? You must be able to sense and respond to events occurring in real time with intelligence, agility, and scale. Mitigate risk before it takes form and seize these opportunities before the competition does. 

This eBook shares the successes of TIBCO customers that know the importance of responding to events with speed and confidence. Read how Citibank Asia can now get new credit cards to customers in two days when it used to take two weeks before TIBCO. Learn how Dutch Railways, the biggest rail transportation company in the Netherlands, can now monitor over 800 trains in real time and act quickly when they anticipate issues. 

Download this ebook now for some inspirational stories that you can apply to your digital business and see how you can better respond to shifting markets with the help of TIBCO integration solutions.