TIBCO Cares: Working Together to Protect Healthcare Workers

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Despite the challenges we are facing today due to the coronavirus pandemic, stories of communities rallying together to support each other in these trying times point to the strength of the human spirit. The story of how a group of TIBCO employees’ creativity and ingenuity resonated throughout the company resulting in the donation of thousands of masks to healthcare workers is just one of the many stories of governments, businesses, and organizations working together to respond to this global crisis. 

How TIBCO Employees Embody Leadership, Innovation, and Spirit

Here at TIBCO, we are constantly in awe of the amazing people that make up TIBCO for their spirit and determination to help others. Our Slack channels are full of employees sharing tips for working from home, resources for at-home workouts and meditation, and invitations for virtual happy hours to come together to uplift and encourage each other during this time. And when the demand for homemade masks began to grow, TIBCO employees were quick to take up the charge, working together to donate non-medical masks to lessen the impact of the shortage, share advice and encouragement, and articles on how to comply with CDC guidelines. This #TIBCOSPIRIT encapsulates our core values to always be: Together, Innovative, Bold, Customer Focused, and Optimistic. 

This is just one example of how leadership and innovation can be found at all levels within our organization. Even at a software company like TIBCO, we recognize that innovation isn’t always about the ones and zeros. 

TIBCO Helps During COVID-19

TIBCO has always been dedicated to giving back and making a difference in our communities through the TIBCO Cares program. Now, TIBCO’s donation of 10,000 surgical masks to Direct Relief will help protect frontline hospital workers in the areas of greatest need both nationally and internationally. You can learn more about Direct Relief and support them in their efforts to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in areas affected by the coronavirus. 

TIBCO’s data science team and Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell have also been working hard to provide greater awareness to the community through visual and predictive analytics dashboards using data science and advanced machine learning models. The team hopes this work can identify the outbreak hotspots and model the effects of regional interventions. If you’d like to hear more about their methods and findings, read this blog: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Insights from the TIBCO Data Science Team.

For more on TIBCO’s response to the coronavirus, watch TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman discussion with Yahoo Finance:

Take care, stay safe

From all of us at TIBCO, we hope you stay safe and healthy as we all work together to get through these challenging times.