TIBCO’s on the Nice List—We’re Getting you Home for the Holidays

TIBCO Gets you Home for the Holidays with APIs
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Twas the night before Christmas and all through… the airport? That’s right, the most wonderful time of the year is here, and for many, that includes a hectic travel schedule, too. Whether you’re away on business, on the road as much as home, or you only make the trip once a year to visit family and friends, chances are, TIBCO is helping you get home for the holidays. 

Innovation in technology has been rapidly changing—dare I say improving—the travel experience over the past several years, and it is all possible due to APIs. APIs help to connect the disparate data behind people, processes, and systems that work together to make your journey from door to door run smoothly. From finding shopping for your trip to navigating a busy airport to catching your rideshare to your final destination, they have the ability to prevent you from saying “bah humbug” this holiday season. APIs are like your own personal travel agent; they provide a tailored travel experience, real-time communication, and no-fuss user experience. 

Travel Tailored to You

APIs allow companies to provide you with a personalized experience each time you travel. When you use applications, your preferences are learned and remembered so similar accommodations can be offered both for the remainder of your trip as well as for future travel plans. Remembering your in-flight meal preferences, keeping track of your loyalty points to offer redemption suggestions, and letting you know when seat upgrades are available are just a few of the ways APIs can take the stress off while you’re remembering what was at the top of your second-cousin-twice-removed’s Christmas list. 

Event-Driven Engagement

When booking your travel, you can rest assured you’re getting the latest deals, because prices are updated in real-time by calling an API, even if you are using a third-party shopping platform, such as Kayak or Expedia. Today you can choose your seat as you book, rather than waiting for an assignment upon check-in. This is because APIs ensure the seating map is up-to-date, even if another passenger chose a seat just minutes prior. 

Gate changes and those dreaded flight-delay notifications are also possible thanks to event-driven APIs, and as frustrating as they can be, the real-time updates do make travel more tolerable, especially if it means you can reroute before you reach the wrong gate (or get there three hours early). 

No-Fuss Customer Experience

Have multiple legs on your journey? Even if you are flying two separate airlines, APIs make it possible to access all of your boarding passes in one central app. You can pull up your passes on your mobile device in just a few clicks, even if you are departing from an American Airlines plane and heading to catch a British Airways flight. APIs make it so you’re not holding up the security line digging through your cell trying to pull up the correct screen. Our devices are always with us, so why not make it easy to access the information we need? 

As you can see, a traveler’s journey is a great example of how an ecosystem of people, processes, and systems can interact seamlessly to deliver a great experience when you really depend on it. Now you know that it’s all underpinned by the power of APIs and TIBCO to connect the many moving pieces of the journey securely and on a massive scale. 

Check out this video to learn more about how APIs are involved in the traveler’s journey. We’re proud to help you get you home for the holidays each year. Happy holidays to you and yours, from TIBCO!

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