Secureworks: Proactively fighting cybercrime with TIBCO LogLogic

Secureworks: Proactively fighting cybercrime with TIBCO LogLogic
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One of the biggest issues with cyber threats and breaches is that the longer an incident persists, the costlier it can be. Quick response is imperative. To successfully craft a response and minimize the impact of a breach, a business must sift through potentially billions of events a day, make sense of all that data in real time, and then alert the correct parties when something looks awry. Preventing and responding to cybercrime requires insight into what has and what will happen in the environment and then a quick and accurate analysis of a company’s log data for a lightning fast response.

But, when you have billions of events and thousands of sources to collect data from a day, who do you turn to? 

Secureworks, a leading global managed security services provider, chose TIBCO LogLogic. 

LogLogic helps Secureworks examine information such as machine data from a client’s total environment (including the critical network infrastructure such as log files) to discover and mitigate threats. Secureworks goes after the facts: who they are, what data they took, how they got in, how to keep them out, and how to prevent them from getting back in. 

LogLogic helps Secureworks find and act on critical information hidden in volumes of machine generated data. Now, the security company can automatically identify critical issues, alert users, and analyze and report on them. 

And the numbers are astounding. Currently, Secureworks collects data from 500,000 sources and processes nearly 300 billion security events a day. Yes, that’s a BILLION.

Because LogLogic is essentially self-installing and sized for big or small environments, it is used across Secureworks’ client base for various appliances. Thanks to TIBCO, the company can rely on a single package for all 4,000 plus customers. LogLogic has become so useful that many clients also use the same solution for regulatory compliance reporting and IT system management. 

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