TIBCO's LogLogic solution allows our team of responders to consult log and machine data to paint a complete picture a lot faster and mitigate a threat for a client much quicker.

Brad Warneck, Senior Product Manager, Secureworks

Secureworks Attacks Cybercrime

Better use of resources and core competencies, proactive cybercrime fighting, expanded client services


In its managed security services business, Secureworks examines clients' data to discover cyber threats and mitigate them. For thousands of clients, the company needed a solution that could provide high-speed collecting, indexing, and analyzing logs and machine data. The right solution would help the company minimize development and maintenance costs and accelerate its time to market.

Secureworks had three options: in-house development, an open source solution, or one that was vendor-provided. After carefully evaluating the choices, the company found that TIBCO LogLogic Log Management Intelligence software supports Secureworks' present appliances, satisfying the company's and clients' requirements.


Because the LogLogic solution is essentially self-installing and sized for big or small environments, it could be used across Secureworks' client base for various appliances. The solution not only provides the performance that Secureworks' desired, it also provides tools to help the company accomplish key goals for its customers.

"TIBCO was able to provide us the right capabilities in a single package, which was vendor-supported through regular updates of increasing functionality," said Brad Warneck, senior product manager at Secureworks. "It alleviated the need for us to try to develop this solution on our own."


Better Use of Resources and Core Competencies

The LogLogic implementation allowed Secureworks to effortlessly access data from over 500,000 sources and devote time and energy to its core strengths and client needs.

"The incorporation of the TIBCO product as a substitute for in-house development allowed us to focus on developing capabilities that are more in line with our security core competencies, while still meeting client demands," said Warneck.

Proactive Cybercrime Fighting

Despite the ever-changing cybercrime landscape, LogLogic Log Management Intelligence has given Secureworks the ability to become more proactive in addressing threats before they turn into bigger problems. The company processes 290 billion security events daily, helping its clients become more aware of activity and better able to defend against it.

Expanded Client Services

Using LogLogic, Secureworks can provide its clients with a consistent and strong technology solution backed by a reliable expert. Secureworks uses LogLogic appliances for cybercrime protection-detection service delivery. Its clients also use the same solution for regulatory compliance reporting and IT system management.

"We have a team of engineers who have been working with this product for more than a decade, and they know the technology extremely well," said Warneck. "They know how it's used across hundreds of companies and how to help maximize its value."


"We will continue to pursue the same trajectory for our service offerings," said Warneck. "I would expect our client base to continue to grow at the same rate it has been, if not more. We are seeing a greater opportunity than ever before to pair the TIBCO solution with our client base."

4,000+ Clients

Receiving robust threat management services


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