Better APIs Come From Adopting a Healthy Lifecycle

Better APIs Come From Adopting a Healthy Lifecycle

The sighs of relief that come from successfully launching a new API program can be quickly drowned out by concerns over its continued performance, rates of adoption by developers, and concerns about the security of your data. As with any software project, launching a set of APIs is never a “fire and forget” situation—you merely move from the design, test, and build stages to maintenance and management.

But running an API program—even one in which you’ve opened your proprietary data to thousands of authorized users who are otherwise strangers—shouldn’t keep you up at night. The launch of your APIs is only one part of a Healthy API Lifecycle, which extends beyond the launch day and looks for opportunities to constantly improve your program to create a better experience for your developer customers and continue to drive value for your business.

The Healthy API Lifecycle

TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery has partnered with API Fortress to provide a complete solution with advanced testing capabilities that can help you keep tabs on the health of your APIs at all times, help you uncover new opportunities to improve your program leveraging the usage data available in Mashery, and help surface issues before your customers discover them. Combining this monitoring with good API design and management practices can help ensure your program remains performant and continues to create value for you and your customers.

To help get you started, read this easy-to-use guide that explains how to leverage the Healthy API Lifecycle to ensure you’ve planned for all possible issues with your APIs and are optimally prepared for those unexpected events that may happen. You’ll understand what decisions lead to better designed, more secure APIs and give you the confidence to continue to extend your program and realize the benefits a solid API program can provide.