TIBCO and its Microsoft Dynamics Partners—Serving Customers Better in Practice, Scope, and Partnership

TIBCO and our Microsoft Dynamics Partners – Serving Customers Better in Practice, Scope, and Partnership

While 6th century Greek philosopher Heraclitus knew nothing of 21st century cloud computing and digital business, this pearl of wisdom resonates particularly true to those of us in the SaaS industry: “The only thing that is constant is change”.  While the rate and pace of change in business and technology will make your head spin, it almost always leads to more opportunity.

If you are a TIBCO partner active in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, the last few years have been marked by disruption and the ever-present drive to adapt to keep up. Microsoft innovations in Common Data Service (CDS) and Power Apps have expanded the scope and ability to provide even better customized digital solutions to your customers.  

Through the years, TIBCO has consistently provided our partners with the on-premises and cloud platforms to easily integrate data across the Dynamics365 suite of products as well as a myriad of connectivity to the outside world. The advent, evolving maturity, and growing acceptance of CDS and Power Apps throughout the Dynamics365 partner ecosystem has slightly shifted the value that TIBCO can provide to our partners but by no means depreciated it.

While our original value proposition has not changed, the way partners are working within the Dynamics365 suite of products has—not only in terms of now being able to access multi-application data within CDS, but partners also have the ability, with Power Apps, to build their own applications on top of CDS as the data store. So partners may now ask, can TIBCO still add value in this changing dynamic?

Supporting Our Partners: In Practice

With our recent announcement of connectivity support for CDS with TIBCO Cloud Integration (TCI), which allows CDS connectivity to the outside world through the hundreds of connectors TCI offers, there is now a whole new world of possibilities open to our partners in service to their customers. For example:

  1. TIBCO Cloud Integration access to objects within the Dynamics365 suite of applications that we would not normally have with our existing connectors—for example—access to the data model for Microsoft Talent
  2. TIBCO Cloud Integration access to the data that fuels partner-built applications using Power Apps
  3. TIBCO Cloud Integration replication service will now support CDS as a source, which could be quite useful for those partners having analytics needs outside of what Power BI can provide (for example, replicating data for use with TIBCO Spotfire analytics)

These are just a few examples of how TIBCO Cloud Integration can add additional value to a partner’s portfolio of Dynamics365/Power Apps and services they may offer to their customers. Our TIBCO/Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem has traditionally been most innovative in terms of providing fully integrated solutions to their customers, and this creativity does not have to stop with the growing adoption of CDS and Power Apps.

Adding Partner Value: In Scope

As our Microsoft Dynamics partners continue to grow the breadth of applications and services they offer to their clients, the Scribe acquisition by TIBCO now brings a breadth of Connected Intelligence Cloud offerings to each of our partner’s portfolios.  

The Q1, 2019 Forrester Wave Report proclaiming TIBCO as the leader in Strategic iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platforms is just one of the many analyst accolades earned by a TIBCO product set, and it is not just the accolades that go deep and wide – it’s the product set now available to our ecosystem of partners – from cloud integration to analytics, API management, machine learning, data science, and so on. Our partners can use not only this expanded product set but also the strength of the major analyst endorsements to support and grow their services and customer bases.

TIBCO, our Partners, and Microsoft: In Partnership

The TIBCO relationship with Microsoft has gone into high gear for 2019. Our mutual ecosystem partners can benefit greatly from this burgeoning partnership. As an example, Microsoft is a Global Platinum sponsor for our 2019 TIBCO NOW Global Tour, and they will have a breakout session and will be speaking on the main stage during the keynote at all three events—in Singapore, Chicago, and London. Reciprocally, TIBCO is sponsoring Microsoft Ignite 2019, held in several cities throughout the US and Europe.

The TIBCO product offerings on Azure have also dramatically increased; we currently have nine co-sell ready offers. We have also attained Gold level partner status which awards a number of benefits: a dedicated Microsoft partner development account team, access to Microsoft properties and marketing programs and funds for dev/test and sales engagements support. TIBCO also has a dedicated technology alliance team, a channel sales resource, and a marketing resource focused on our Microsoft relationship.

You can be sure that both parties will be taking full advantage of the resources offered on both sides to better serve and support our mutual partner ecosystem.

In short, the acquisition of Scribe by TIBCO, combined with TIBCO’s leadership in breadth and depth of the Connected Intelligence Cloud, will only serve to greatly enhance our Microsoft Dynamics partners’ ability to better support their customers—in practice, scope, and partnership.