Candy Maker Cloetta Crystalizes Fact-based, Real-time Decision-making with TIBCO Data Virtualization

Candy store
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Even candy companies need help making sense of their data to make real-time decisions.

Meet Cloetta, a confectionary company in Northern Europe who manufactures and sells chocolate products to over 40 countries worldwide. While they make and sell sweet treats with no problem, they were having trouble combining all of their scattered data into one source that would allow them to effectively analyze it. They needed a real-time solution so they could act fast on their data and stay relevant in the competitive world of candy-making.

Cloetta’s data was mainly stored in an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), where the time needed to access it was relatively long, opposite of what the company wanted to achieve. Cloetta had high volumes of global, local, internal, and external data that was both structured and unstructured, making the data impossible to work with for them. The only way around it was to create reports manually, which was time-consuming and prone to error. With data needing to be retrieved in real time for a number of stakeholders across the business, Cloetta sought out a solution that would combine all of their data sources into one comprehensive report that could be accessed by anyone in the organization.

Cloetta turned to TIBCO partner Connected Data Group to help find a solution that would best fit their problem. After careful analysis of Cloetta’s situation, Connected Data Group recommended a data virtualization tool to close the candy maker’s technology gap. They chose TIBCO Data Virtualization both for its excellent ratings on a “Value for the Money” analysis they conducted in Excel in addition to its highly positive customer feedback.

The sweet results

TIBCO Data Virtualization, along with their existing BI solution, has allowed the company to easily combine all of their disparate data sources to improve forecast accuracy and optimize campaigning, in-store sales pressure, and inventory levels. Now, Cloetta has a better overall understanding of their supply chain.

The combined dataset serves more end users across the company, enabling fact-based management and tactical and strategic decision-making as Cloetta strives for one version of the truth. Data is embedded in all processes, allowing for effective reporting and fast discovery of deviations in plans and corrective actions as needed.

With the right data at the right moment at the right place, Cloetta can focus on organized analysis instead of ad hoc data collection and reconciliation. TIBCO Data Virtualization saves Cloetta time and money by helping to create reports faster and more effectively. For Cloetta, it doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

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