TIBCO Stands with California: Relief Efforts for the Camp and Woolsey Fires

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As many of you are familiar, the entire state of California has been affected by both the Camp Fire (Northern/Central California) and the Woolsey Fire (Southern California). These fires have had a severe impact on the state since their start on Nov. 8., has displaced hundreds of people and destroying homes and acres of wildlife in its path.

These wildfires are the deadliest and most destructive that California has ever seen. As of Nov. 18, the Camp Fire has destroyed more than 9,800 homes and scorched more than 149,000 acres. The fire is only 65 percent contained. As for the Woolsey Fire, more than 98,362 acres have been burned since Nov. 8 but is 84 percent contained. Both fires have also resulted in a number of deaths and missing persons. The firefighters and the people residing in those areas have a long road ahead of them until the fire is 100 percent contained and rebuilding begins.

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to please join TIBCO and donate to either the North Valley Community Foundation or the CalFund Wildfire Relief.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated: household items, clothing, and food to the fire victims, as well as funds to aid the relief efforts. TIBCO is offering aid and relief to those hurt by the wildfires, having donated $75,000 to be split between the North Valley Community Foundation and the CalFund Wildfire Relief. Additionally, TIBCO employees have individually donated household items, clothing, and food to support those affected by the Camp Fire. The collection of goods were shipped over the weekend.

To find out more about how you can help in the California wildfire relief, please visit this wildfire relief page.