TIBCO Scribe Conference 2018: Better Together

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TIBCO had the pleasure of hosting the 2018 TIBCO Scribe Conference that took place in Boston, Massachusetts from October 28-30 for select customers and partners. Attendees got to hear about the evolution of TIBCO Cloud Integration and how Scribe is now an integral part of the product.

With the broader capabilities of the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud platform, the Scribe® vision for business-led integration is positioned to build on its stance as an industry leader, and TCI continues to grow as one of the most complete, cloud-based integration solutions in the market. Thought leaders who presented at the event expanded on this and explored how to take advantage of advanced integration capabilities on a powerful, cloud-native platform to solve any digital business challenge.

The conference kicked off with the MVP (Most Valuable Partners) dinner on Oct. 28, where partners were looking to understand how they can start doing more with TIBCO. This question planted a seed for attendees, with the answers to that question being explored during the first keynote the following morning.  

TIBCO Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Been kicked off the first general session of the conference by introducing the audience and welcoming partners and customers. Been expressed to the audience that they are “drinking their own champagne” by using TIBCO Scribe technology in their marketing solutions. According to Been, “TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud is the platform that brings technology, data, and people together.” His main takeaway was that TIBCO and Scribe are better together, as they share the same founding principles, unique audiences, and enhancing and creating incremental value.

CMO Thomas Been opening up the conference at the first general session.
CMO Thomas Been opening up the conference at the first general session.

The keynote continued with Scribe’s co-founder Peter Chase walking the audience through the Scribe journey. He shared that together with TIBCO, we’re building the iPaaS of the future. When describing Scribe’s mission, Chase said that Scribe aims to “empower non-developers, non-technical people, business folk, to solve complex problems through a visual interface”.

Then Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi VP of Product Management and Todd Bailey, Director of Product Management took the stage and discussed the TIBCO product retrospective, diving into what’s new in the TCI product offering. Kozhikkattuthodi explained how TIBCO integration is helping companies build mission-critical applications in the pursuit of building world-class experiences. The duo introduced the Scribe user base to TIBCO Cloud, starting to answer the question of how they can do more with the product.

It was announced at the conference that TCI now supports API-led integrations and connectivity for TIBCO Scribe users. This furthers TIBCO’s integration technology leadership by being able to solve the toughest application connectivity and development challenges. In addition to API-led connectivity, it was announced that Scribe now supports seven new connectors and new additions made to the Scribe Labs program. These expansions show that the spirit of innovation is thriving with Scribe under TIBCO.

Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi VP of Product Management and Todd Bailey, Director of Product Management sharing what’s new for TIBCO Cloud Integration.
Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi VP of Product Management and Todd Bailey, Director of Product Management sharing what’s new for TIBCO Cloud Integration.

Next, Jason Johns, VP of Global Channels & Alliances, took the stage to reaffirm to the customers and partners that TIBCO is very committed to partners and channels. Johns held a session later in the day where he introduced partners to the TIBCO Partner Program. This provided a general overview of the evolving partner landscape, the TIBCO Acceleration Partner Program, and its many components designed to provide even more value for TIBCO partners. This, in addition to a hosted partner summit, gave attendees the chance to get their questions answered about the TIBCO/Scribe alliance.

The general session continued with Lou Antonucci, Senior Sales Director at TIBCO, who talked about the past, present, and future of TIBCO Scribe within TIBCO, and what it means to customers and partners. He discussed the combined value of the TIBCO/Scribe partnership with the rich technological ecosystem. It was a great segway into the next topic: customer success.

This segment began with TIBCO Scribe customer and CTO of Knowland, Steve Titus. He discussed Knowland’s integration and the reasons around selecting Scribe for their most critical interconnection needs. He shared the company’s journey with TIBCO Scribe, which included problems with siloed apps, and how the connectivity and integration capabilities of Scribe was able to solve the problem.

Michael Moore from Northwoods, another TIBCO Scribe customer, shared a captivating keynote session showing how they leverage the platform’s integration capabilities to minimize the vast amount of physical files and “dark data” that social workers have to organize and carry around for each case. Michael started his keynote with a dramatic “thud”, dropping a thick case file right on a table in front of him (and the audience) to illustrate the sheer volume of information that social workers need to handle just for a single case.

Throughout the rest of the day, attendees participated in sessions around topics such as the best way to connect to an application, analyzing data with TIBCO Spotfire, and APIs. The night concluded with a dinner cruise for conference attendees around Boston Harbor.


The last day of the conference began with Rahul Kamdar, Director of Product Management, walking the audience through the history of a few TIBCO products from BusinessWorks to Flogo, showing off how products in the TIBCO ecosystem are better together. Attendees got an inside look at how Scribe complements other TIBCO tools with a live demo.

Rahul Kadmar demonstrates how TIBCO products and Scribe operate together in the same ecosystem.
Rahul Kamdar demonstrates how TIBCO products and Scribe operate together in the same ecosystem.

The day continued with a variety of sessions that attendees could choose from, including designing and building embedded applications, automating business processes, integration troubleshooting, API management, and how TIBCO Scribe uses integration to run a business.

Conference attendees participating in breakout sessions.
Conference attendees participating in breakout sessions.

The last keynote of the conference was given by Bailey, who shared the product statement of direction. He shared just a few of the exciting developments TIBCO has in store for users and underscoring the amplified value that our products can bring when connected across the technology stack.

Todd Bailey delivering the closing keynote.
Todd Bailey delivering the closing keynote.


We’d like to thank everyone for attending this year’s TIBCO Scribe Conference. Learn more about how TIBCO and Scribe are better together.