Better Together: Using TIBCO Cloud™ Apps Together

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Back in June of this year, TIBCO acquired Scribe Software – a cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that helps businesses connect their SaaS applications and automate data flows, with an easy to use browser-based dashboard. Matt Quinn, COO of TIBCO said about Scribe’s joining: “We are excited to have Scribe as part of TIBCO and welcome its customers and partners to the TIBCO community.”

With the addition of Scribe, the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration stack now covers all personas, from business users to developers. And, you can integrate your applications, data sources, and APIs, all on one platform.

Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at TIBCO, described it best: “This acquisition allows TIBCO Cloud™ Integration to better serve a broader set of needs and enter new market segments. We look forward to working closely with Scribe’s world-class partner ecosystem in pursuit of our mission to interconnect everything.”

And the good news is that Scribe® can interact with any other TIBCO Cloud™ offering today, there are no changes needed.

Using TIBCO Cloud Integration Scribe with other TIBCO Cloud apps

To show you how easy it is to use TIBCO Cloud™ Apps together, watch this webinar:

Using TIBCO Apps Together: Greater than the Sum of Their Parts.

In the webinar, we will show you what it looks like when you first log in to the TIBCO Cloud™.

There, you will see all the apps that you have access to in graphical form: Integration, Low-code apps and Processes, APIs, Messaging, and Analytics. You can also see another option that will guide you through the products based on the use case or “solution” you are looking to solve. Here is a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.00.31 AM

Then, we’ll walk through what it looks like when you choose TIBCO Cloud™ Integration. You will see three options:

Connect. This enables SaaS Admins, business users, and IT to connect SaaS apps quickly and easily. This is where you access Scribe capabilities. Scribe has a very straightforward, code-free method of creating, testing, and managing data flows that enable thousands of customers and partners to quickly and easily connect their SaaS apps for better business performance.

Integrate. This function enables integration experts to build cloud-native apps that integrate APIs, web services, and systems. This is where you access BusinessWorks for large-scale integrations.

Develop. This is where developers can build event-driven microservices to support API-led applications and services. This is where you access Flogo, our open source app that allows developers to build integrations using open source capabilities.

Then, we’ll walk you through three examples of using Scribe® with TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire®, TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery, and Flogo® for common use cases that you are probably looking to solve in your organization right now.

For instance, we’ll show you how easy it is for Scribe® to bring all the data together from your various different applications, aggregate it into one database so an analytics tool like Spotfire can pick it up and build deep analytics on the data. And, how you can even automate the refresh of these data sets from within Scribe to keep your data fresh, automatically.

This is just one of the common use cases that’s covered in the webinar. For more, please watch the webinar: Using TIBCO Apps Together: Greater than the Sum of Their Parts. And contact us for any questions or for a one-on-one demo.