F1 Race Recap: A Showdown in Texas

2018 United States Grand Prix, Saturday - Paul Ripke

Excitement was in the air last weekend as all ten Formula One teams made their annual trip to the United States for the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. All eyes were on TIBCO partner Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport as Lewis Hamilton carried a considerable lead in the driver’s standings heading into race weekend. With the championship title up for grabs, it was sure to be a weekend to remember.

After arriving in rain-soaked Texas, Hamilton battled the elements through his practice laps.

With more rain clouds looming and a slick track, pre-race preparation conditions were less than ideal. Despite the downpour, Hamilton clocked in a lightning-fast qualifying performance at Circuit of the Americas, earning himself pole position for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

With his spot at the front of the pack secured, the first turns off the line would prove critical to try to keep the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull at bay.

At lights out, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen found a slight edge and made his move past Hamilton to take P1, with Bottas moving up to P3.

Farther back in the scrum, Ferarri’s Sebastian Vettel clashed with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, causing a spin-out and forcing Vettel back to P15.

Hamilton took the chance to pit early and swap on some fresh tires, getting back out on the track quickly thanks to the pit crew’s incredible efficiency.

Soon, Hamilton was back on the heels of Raikkonen, looking for an opening to make his move.

A pit stop from Raikkonen gave Hamilton back his lead, but Hamilton’s early pit lane diversion likely meant another pit stop to keep up the pace through the end of the race.

At lap 38, Hamilton ducked back into the pit for another set of tires, rejoining the race in P4 and setting a blistering pace on fresh rubber.

As Hamilton worked his way up to P3 behind Verstappen (P2) and Vettel (P1), fans were on the edge of their seat.

Closing in on Verstappen, Hamilton made his move. He’d almost made it clear of the Red Bull when Verstappen found an opening to reclaim the track, keeping Hamilton squarely in P3.

After a brilliant performance, Hamilton crossed the line third, keeping the driver’s championship title yet-to-be-claimed for another race. Perhaps next week in Mexico?

Up next, the Mexico Grand Prix in Mexico City on Sunday, October 28.

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