Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications

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In today’s world, everyone expects their applications and systems to automatically integrate with each other. In the world of consumer-based applications, that is a reasonable request. However, in the business world, applications and services tend to be not as easily integrated.

In fact, 61% of executives report that they are dissatisfied with their cloud integration initiatives, according to a recent industry report. Every day, there are new APIs with new features being introduced, mixes of both cloud and on-premises applications, increasing loads of data, more users and more requirements – all being driven by the wave of digital transformation that is critical.

Even though business users buy these SaaS applications off the shelf similar to consumers, we see that most instances of business applications are customized. Think about your own Salesforce instance – how many custom fields and/or objects do you have? These variations make it more difficult to make an out-of-the-box integration work as it would in a consumer product. And, the usage of SaaS apps is not expected to slow in the near future. Bettercloud found that 73% of organizations said nearly all of their apps (more than 80%) will be SaaS by 2020.

So, if people are expecting everything to integrate, how do you meet this demand?

You need to find a single integration product for all personas and use cases to make your life easier. You need an integration platform that will enable:

    • SaaS administrators, business users, and IT to connect SaaS apps quickly and easily
    • Integration experts to build cloud-native apps that integrate APIs, web services, and systems
    • Developers to build event-driven microservices to support API-led applications and services

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration with Scribe® makes integration easy. It’s quick and easy to set up and allows you to connect, integrate, and develop all in one. It’s one subscription and one product to meet any integration challenge, with over 150 different connectors.

To learn more and to see a demo of how easy it is to connect your SaaS apps with TIBCO Cloud Integration, please tune into the on-demand webinar: Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications.