How to Use Data-Driven Marketing for Better Campaign Performance

Marketing and advertising firms are increasingly taking advantage of data-driven marketing to create better campaigns. Data-driven marketing uses customer information for optimal and targeted media buying and creative messaging. It is one of the most transformational technological changes in digital advertising.

Firms like Havas Media are using data to gain better insights into campaign performance for both account teams and clients to easily access. Havas Media is a leading global communications and marketing agency offering advertising; design; digital, mobile, social media, sports, and direct marketing; media planning and buying; corporate, entertainment, and healthcare communications; human resources; public relations; research; and more.

Data has always been at the core of the advertising and media business; Now, firms are using data to track areas like past purchases, search history, browsing history, engagement, location, and segmentation to better reach their customers. Today’s smart consumers want more targeted content that’s of more value to them in order to make more informed decisions.

In order to gain insight into their campaign performance, Havas Media turned to TIBCO Spotfire Data Science to give thousands of users across its global operation the ability to access, analyze, visualize, and understand data to improve campaign performance. The firm benefits from this because they are able to use the right media to target the right customers.

The Spotfire Data Science platform has helped Havas Media use their data to solve business challenges with repeatable and operationalized advanced analytics. The company is now able to scale their analytics strategy to be used across the organization. The Spotfire platform brings data, machine learning, and people together, allowing Havas Media to enable business and IT stakeholders, both technical and nontechnical, transforming insight into action to improve clients’ campaign performance.

The power of data in marketing has been transformative when it comes to content creation. It allows content creators to create relevant messaging to use when messaging their audiences, along with custom-designed creative assets. They key is to combine creative, data, and media to produce a data-driven marketing strategy.

By properly using data, firms like Havas Media can grow more efficiently by reusing data flows. In turn, this saves time, as the data can be pulled and then customized to the current situation. Today’s customers like to feel individualized with personalized offers, not automated ones. By gathering and analyzing data, marketing firms can use it to find out what their consumers like and what they don’t, using that information to create offers based on demographics and psychographics.

Spotfire Data Science has helped the company reduce the time spent on analytics from months to hours. Users can easily build models for analyzing attribution, customer lifetime value, hypothetical campaign scenarios, and other metrics can be easily created and deployed without a lot of IT involvement. As a result, the Spotfire Data Science system provides flexibility in asking and getting answers to complex questions.

Havas Media has benefited tremendously from Spotfire Data Science, able to capture insights that previously were unavailable, such as total lifetime value for prospects and segmentation analysis, which helps clients pinpoint which consumer groups to target with personalized offers.

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