Why Low-Code is a Good Fit for Marketing

Marketers are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to delight their customers and deliver them quality and personalized content. To do so effectively, they must understand their audience and have the most up-to-date information possible. For most businesses, this involves entering lead and campaign information in multiple systems and continuing to update that information throughout the marketing and sales process. In order to streamline and automate this process, different users across the business need access to input that information once and make updates as needed. Then that information needs to be moved from one system to another and also, organized and presented in a way that makes sense for each team. Different teams require different information and providing too much or too little can be a disservice by slowing down or confusing processes.

By creating business applications that streamline the process of common practices, such as entering lead and campaign information or creating lead segments, operational excellence can only be improved. Low-code development platforms remove the barrier of relying on IT so that new app development can be completed by business users, most familiar with the challenges they face. With such apps, target leads for a specific campaign can be identified and marketed to in minutes, not days or weeks and fewer barriers means more room for improvement and innovation.

low-code marketing

TIBCO Cloud Live Apps is a low-code development platform that allows business users to create fully functional and extendable business applications through a guided interview using five simple questions. When creating solutions is this simple, users are able to deploy, test, and enhance without fear of wasting precious IT cycles.

TIBCO’s own marketing department has been able to utilize Live Apps and create a more innovative environment. When coupled with TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud Spotfire, marketers can gain valuable insights about their customers and truly stand out against their competition by delivering personalized campaigns and compelling digital experience, every time.

low-code marketing and sales

Because low-code development platforms empower business users to solve problems on their own, IT teams are able to focus on tasks that demand their intensive technical knowledge, again allowing organizations to truly flourish. And, because Live Apps is a good citizen of IT processes and existing solutions, IT and business users can easily and quickly collaborate to extend the martech stack with new apps — meaning possibilities are truly endless.

low-code for marketers

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