Digital Transformation in Marketing: Campaign Management App

Marketing smart app for quickly and easily creating targeted campaigns that engage potential customers when it matters most

You want to improve campaign effectiveness—but Sales wants self-service options—and leads and account sources are scattered across various systems. Fixing the situation requires IT skills and time that Sales and Marketing simply don’t have. The result: leads fall through the cracks and targeted campaigns launch too late. 

Digital Transformation in Marketing: Campaign Management App - screenshot

TIBCO Cloud Live Apps offers a simple, streamlined way to improve this scenario by empowering business users and increasing automation. With TIBCO® Live Apps, sales reps and marketers (even those without IT skills) can quickly create fully functional business apps that connect and unify the applications in your martech stack. Live Apps also allows you to quickly test, deploy, and evolve your apps overtime as you get feedback and business needs change. 

Watch as Live Apps is used to create an application for easily adding leads to a campaign system and gaining insights using TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO Cloud Integration.

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