Middleware Modernization with TIBCO Connected Intelligence

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The ability to rapidly connect applications and deliver data-driven insights at scale and at the right time is the key to digital success. The increase in the number and variety of endpoints, expectations around the faster delivery of integration solutions, and the need to support rapid innovation is forcing customers to extend and modernize their integration platform.

Why modernize your middleware and why now? As numbers indicate, cloud is already mainstream, and cloud adoption in all of its forms is going to pick up the pace in the next three years. A number of applications that we integrate with are going to be on the cloud, and the middleware platform has to support integrating these applications. Increased adoption of cloud also means a drastic reduction in the time it takes to implement large and complex enterprise applications, and middleware services development has to keep pace with these shrunken timelines. Additionally, modernizing middleware will support newer business models and do all of these at internet scale.

Organizations need a number of capabilities to respond effectively to drivers of middleware modernization. They need to be equipt for quick turnaround times, being able to rapidly deliver integration changes in as little as four to five months. With new requirements for agility and differentiation, organizations need to be built for change and emphasis it without losing consistency. The key is to find a balance between consistency and agility.

Another key capability is being able to pull together multiple related integration capabilities to drive innovation. To do this, organizations need to compile data from multiple systems, add business rules, and then expose them as an API. With a diverse set of technologies and different teams managing the delivery, it becomes very difficult to get these things done in any reasonable timeframe. Thus, organizations need a platform that interconnects everything.

With use cases such as personalized offers, detecting fraud, predicting machine failures, and keeping an eye on your packages, processing the increasing volume and variety of data, and events at scale as it comes in is the key for your organization to being able to deliver insights in real time. As a result, there is a need for a solution that allows organizations to experiments and incrementally adopt and scale what works for them.

But how do they get there? Transformation is required in four areas:

  • Technology and architecture
  • Platform and supporting services
  • Organization structures and delivery models
  • Processes and tools

The TIBCO Connected Intelligence suite provides a hybrid and pervasive integration platform that supports all of the key technology capabilities required for a modern middleware platform.  This combined with a modernization methodology that addresses the requirements needed for change is key to scalable, risk-free transformation.

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