Regulatory Compliance and Data Management in Financial Services

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Today’s extensive regulations imposed on financial institutions are designed to ensure: consumer protection, transparency, and adequate assessment of financial risks, as well as the probability of losses and investment portfolio valuation. However, complying efficiently with these ever-changing regulations is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

The financial service industry has to deal with everything from BCBS’s to Dodd-Frank and from MiFID to IFRS. Not to mention that financial firms are also dealing with data in silos, incorporating unstructured information from non-traditional sources, and integrating information from a plethora of sources whether on-premises, in the cloud, batch-based, or real-time data streams.

TIBCO can help with many of these daunting regulations that the financial service industry faces in many ways including:

• Data traceability
• Timeliness of reporting
• Inbuilt sensitivity analysis
• Shared best practices and increased transparency
• Decision traceability

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