How Two Customers use Jaspersoft to Improve Student Success and World Safety

Illuminate Education Excels at Reporting Educational Results

Illuminate Education helps K–12 school districts, principals, teachers, parents, guardians, and students across 42 states make data-informed decisions to positively impact student success. The company captures attendance, behavior, and health data; state and skills assessments; college and career readiness; and more through targeted reports for all stakeholders.

“Our software engineers were building reports and coding them in PHP to create Excel outputs,” says Christine Olah, report product manager. “It was very time-consuming, we didn’t have a design focus, and we were distracted from our core online testing, attendance, and scheduling modules. We needed timely reports for every client type, . . . and if we didn’t have quick turnaround, they would go to a different system.”

Read why Illuminate Education chose TIBCO Jaspersoft, and how it now enjoys fast delivery, differentiation, word of mouth excitement, huge business growth, and highly useful reports that tell stories.


GICHD Unearths Community Progress for Reducing Landmine Contamination

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) works in close partnership with mine action organizations and other human security actors around the world to reduce the impact of mines, cluster munitions, and other explosive hazards.

“Our goal is to help others find the mines before civilians do,” says Andrea von Siebenthal, head of public relations. “We have still a third of the world’s countries, 64, that are affected to some level. It’s not solved yet. It’s not a thing of the past.”

Ms. Von Siebenthal points out that mines and other unexploded weapons of war affects the development of hospitals, roads, and other infrastructure projects; economic and cultural development; the livelihoods of individuals, families, and communities; health and economic well-being; access to land, roads, water, and other resources; and human displacement and emotion. And, as locations are cleared of mines, military action in other places proliferates the problem.   

GICHD had a repository to capture data on areas, people, and resources affected, but not an analytics tool.  “We needed a tool that would allow us to easily access, analyze, and visualize crucial pieces of information . . . so we can make good decisions and set priorities,” says Elisabeth Vinek, information management support coordinator and project manager of the Mine Action Intelligence Tool (MINT).

Learn how GICHD put TIBCO Jaspersoft to work on the problem—and the progress it’s making in increasing use of its tool for clearing mines and creating safe ground for lives and livelihoods worldwide.