Interconnecting Everything and Augmenting Intelligence in France

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PMU Bets and Wins on TIBCO Mainframe Modernization

“PMU’s business is based on the processing of information and transactions, so it is not surprising to see an integration platform play a critical role,” says Paul Cohen Scali, chief information and operation officer at Paris Mutuel Urbain (PMU), the leading horse racing operator in Europe and the third largest pari-mutuel company in the world. “Over the years, we have used the platform as a facilitator of our strategy of evolution of our information system, from the introduction of sports betting and poker, to the re-platforming of our horse-race betting system. The challenge was critical for us: it was about reappropriating our information system and supporting the development of new services while guaranteeing day-to-day operations.”

Learn about PMU’s decade-long relationship with TIBCO that has supported their platform transformation and led to new knowledge and mastery of IT systems, enhanced error detection, problem prevention, quality control, and more reliable bet and revenue recording.

quotatis and TIBCO

Quotatis Analyzes Its Way to Business Expansion with Spotfire

“Historically, our job is intermediation between individuals and building professionals,” says François d’Arfeuille, CTO of Quotatis, an online marketplace where individuals can identify resources for managing small building projects using micro-geoanalytics to match demand with suppliers. “Our mission is therefore to both offer individuals the best professionals, and to feed orders to these professionals.” Matching different types of work and available skills is based on relevance, an activity that is already working well as evidenced by the 800,000 projects implemented every year via Quotatis.

“The idea now is to go further, to also manage the transactions, especially for small jobs,” says Mr. d’Arfeuille. The Quotatis platform manages projects of between €1,000 and €10,000, and designates projects of less than €1,500 small. As a result, matching projects to professionals had to gain in precision to ensure that, for example, the cost of plumbing services was covered by the offers made in each micro-market, each geographical area consisting of one or more cities.

Read the Quotatis case study to learn how TIBCO Spotfire microgeographic analysis capabilities empowers users and drives efficiency gains to facilitate business expansion and give Quotatis a competitive difference on a daily basis!