2018 is the Year of Serverless, Machine Learning, and Edge Computing

Watch well-respected analyst and Forbes contributor, Janakiram MSV, talk about the biggest three tech movements shaping 2018 in the upcoming webinar “2018 Technology Trends”.  Listen as he weaves the technologies of serverless, machine learning, and edge computing together to define the next wave of innovation.

Janakiram will walk you through how cloud computing will evolve through 2018 and the major role that telcos will play on the road ahead. According to Janakiram’s perspective, edge computing and machine learning—enabled by serverless computing—will make things like predictive maintenance of connected vehicles an everyday reality. Imagine driving around town as your connected vehicle is communicating with “microzones” hosted by telcos who are analyzing your data in real time and therefore able to alert you of any impending breakdown of your catalytic converter, automatically booking you an appointment at a local garage (for something you didn’t even know needed fixing!) And that’s just one use case. Other instances of predictive maintenance technology could be present in your phone, your home water heater, even the supermarket air conditioner—truly game changing. Janakiram will walk you through how these scenarios (and more) will become a widespread reality in the year to come.

And, as a developer, you’ll get tips on how to best take advantage of these latest disruptions in tech and make yourself an invaluable player in this space. Claim your place now for the 2018 Tech Trends webinar.