Interconnect the Traveler’s Journey to Provide a Relevant Customer Experience  

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Millions of people take to the roads, the skies, and the tracks every day to get from point A to point B. Not only are customers taking advantage of various transportation methods, but they are taking advantage of services before and after, whether it’s booking their tickets or checking into a hotel.

Today’s customers are more technology savvy because of the availability of smartphones, open traffic and transport information/data, real-time planning and info, and new innovative apps created by start ups. Because of the increase in mobile technology, customers now have more choices when it comes to comparing prices, choosing alternative routes, and seeing the current status of transport.

Traditionally, transport operators aren’t as savvy as customers, but if they don’t adapt, they will be taken over by the key trends that are disrupting the current business model:

—User/customer focused. By connecting to passengers with fast applications and real-time data, you can create “in-the-moment” experiences and provide individualized marketing. Operators will then be able to deliver in-context, targeted offers that reflect each customer’s preferences.

—Integrated intelligence. Physical assets will sense demand via APIs and IoT devices and stream data in real time. This data can be modeled to predict and avoid disruptions.

—Commercials. More operators such as railways, buses, and ferries will follow airlines in adopting e-tickets. Pay-as-you-travel will increase, enabled by well-managed APIs.

—Automation and safety. The adoption of IoT will result in more assets being monitored for their health and performance. Transportation companies can consolidate, analyze, visualize, and predict information about incidents, delays, repairs, and maintenance.

The travel industry has the opportunity to use data to develop closer relationships with customers. To do this, you need to know where the customer is in their journey and provide offers based on that context. By personalizing service, you can increase revenue, and attract and retain new customers.

With our predictive analytics, streaming analytics, and API-led integration solutions, you can interconnect the traveler’s journey to provide a relevant customer experience. To find out how, check out our new travel solutions page.