TIBCO Acquires Data Virtualization Business from Cisco

Reading Time: 2 minutes

TIBCO has declared its intention to enter the data virtualization business with its acquisition of the Cisco Data Virtualization business (formerly Composite Software), a leading data virtualization services provider used by top communications, energy, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing companies globally. The acquisition is set to close later this year.

This is an exciting development for our customers,  as many organizations continue to struggle to bring together data from disparate sources into a single orchestrated layer that analysts can quickly and easily access and analyze.  This is the beauty of data virtualization. It takes a diverse and complex set of enterprise data stores—potentially hundreds of them—and creates a “virtual” data layer for analysis. It does this without disturbing the source data, without extracting data via ETL into a separate data warehouse, and without the cost and overhead of physical data consolidation.

This acquisition is part of TIBCO’s Augmented Intelligence strategy and addresses the growing and sophisticated data needs of companies with maturing analytic ecosystems. With Cisco Data Virtualization, our customers will be able to rapidly adapt to the changing data landscape with a complete analytic application stack known for its agility and flexibility. It will help customers to get their analytic solutions into production faster than alternatives, and continue to adapt as data sources and business needs change.

TIBCO has an OEM relationship with Cisco, which currently integrates with Spotfire. We are excited to look for opportunities to integrate it more broadly across our portfolio so more customers can gain a holistic view of their data, access it more quickly with less complexity, and at lower cost.

Overall, this acquisition allows TIBCO customers to achieve better business results by providing immediate access to more and broader data to uncover actionable insights and implement them in real time.

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