TIBCO Makes Data Science Accessible to a Wider Audience

TIBCO’s Senior Director of Product Management for Streaming and Advanced Analytics, Lou Bajuk, recently spoke at the EARL Conference in London about how TIBCO helps make data science more accessible to a wider audience through the TIBCO Analytics Platform.

Rise of Citizen Data Scientists

With multiple possible paths from data to decision to action, data science can help deliver better decisions faster, by providing deeper insight into the underlying patterns and relationships in the data. However, there are not enough data scientists to meet the increasing demand for data science. In response to this scarcity, citizen data scientists—analysts, engineers and business users who are analytically-inclined but not trained as data scientists—are attempting to fill the gap, but they need the right tools, guidance, and frameworks to be productive and effective. By 2019, these citizen data scientists are predicted by Gartner to surpass traditional data scientists in the amount of advanced analytics produced; and by 2020, more than 40 percent of data science tasks will be automated, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage by citizen data scientists.

R is one of the leading tools for data science, and makes it easy to prototype new analyses by offering a huge array of analytic models, providing the right approach to solve almost any given problem. However, R is hard for non-data scientists to use directly, and isn’t designed for enterprise integration, real-time or big data applications. This makes it challenging to integrate and manage in enterprise applications, resulting in compromises that impact agility—such as recoding in a new, less agile environment or rewriting applications to use specialized R packages.

TIBCO Analytics Platform

The TIBCO Analytics Platform makes it easier to embed, leverage, and deploy the work of data scientists, from R and beyond. TIBCO’s Analytics Platform is unique in that it can be used by the business user, the citizen data scientist, the data scientist, and the developer. The platform consists of smart visual analytics to gain insight into your data, advanced analytics to model your data, and streaming analytics to take action on your data.

Spotfire helps business users and citizen data scientists explore data faster, take action sooner, and move business further by deploying these insights into analytic applications and dashboards, and automating decision-making in real-time applications. Additionally, Statistica makes it easier for data scientists to create, reuse, and deploy predictive analytic models while leveraging the best of open source environments, such as R, Python, and Scala. For application developers, StreamBase makes it possible to have continuous algorithmic awareness and automation through streaming analytics to take effective action. All of these programs allow you to maintain necessary analytic governance and model management while deploying analytic across your organization.

Whether you are a data scientist, a developer, or a citizen data scientist, you can access everything TIBCO has to offer around data science. We have a rich community, TIBCO Community, that has a number of examples, reusable assets, and more that anyone interested in applying analytics to their data can use. And, with a free trial of Spotfire, Statistica, or StreamBase, you can start applying analytics to transform your data into actions.

At the conference, Bajuk also spoke on commercial applications of R and shared how TIBCO supports open source projects through R Consortium.