TIBCO Supports the R Community Through the R Consortium

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Senior Director of Product Management for Streaming and Advanced Analytics and Chairman of the Board of Directors of R Consortium, Lou Bajuk, recently spoke at the EARL Conference on commercial applications of R in London. He shared how TIBCO supports open source projects through the R Consortium.

What is the R Consortium?

The R Consortium, founded in June 2015, is a nonprofit trade organization that supports the R community. Realizing the full value of software lies in its ecosystem, and so the R Consortium focuses on supporting and enhancing the infrastructure around R.

The goals of R Consortium are to:

  • Promote the growth and development of R as a leading platform for data science
  • Support the R foundation
  • Fund projects to support R and its community
  • Foster the growth of the R community
  • Enable the use of R in commercial environments
  • Foster collaboration between companies for the benefit of members and the community

Members of the R Consortium help fund key R infrastructure and ecosystem needs, generate industry-wide support for valuable projects, and have a voice in the process of selecting projects and the opportunity to guide their development.

Why is TIBCO involved?

TIBCO is a proud participant in the R Consortium. Our participation enables us to contribute to the success of R, in which we have a strong interest since we integrate with R in our many of products. We help our customers leverage R in visual analytics and data discovery applications through Spotfire; in streaming analytics applications with StreamBase; and in data science with Statistica. As the makers of TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR), an alternative implementation of the R language, focused on performance and embeddability for enterprise applications, we have a strong interest in promoting consistent standards and package quality in the R ecosystem. As the makers of S-PLUS, which shares the same root as R in the S language, we have long been interested in being a good citizen of the R community.

Infrastructure projects

Here are a few notable projects that the R Consortium has supported:

  • R-hub. R-hub is a package building service that eases all steps in the R package development process and helps package authors test their packages on multiple platforms, and makes these services free for all members of the community.
  • R Localization (RL10N). The RL10N project makes it easier for R developers to include translations in their own packages, as most R packages are only in English.
  • Code Coverage Tool for R. This is aimed at improving software quality and promoting the use of code coverage more systematically within the R ecosystem by developing a tool for R that determines code coverage upon execution of a test suite.
  • Database Interface (DBI) improvements. The intention is to provide a consistent standard for database access in R, so that porting code is simplified and less prone to error.

TIBCO offers many solutions that help you leverage, deploy and manage open source analyses from R, Python etc., within a commercially supported and enterprise grade analytics platform. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next analytics project.

View Lou’s full presentation on R Consortium here.