Empower Business Users to Integrate on Their Own—Without IT!

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Digital transformation cannot happen in a company if it’s only an IT-driven venture. Line of business users need to be involved to drive today’s business transformations forward. Digital transformation also requires modernizing legacy systems. Connecting everything and sharing data is a crucial step towards modernization. But how can you accomplish these two very difficult, but crucial steps quickly, easily, and without too much cost?

Fortunately, there is a solution that can connect everything in your organization, without the need for IT and harrowing, difficult integrations. These systems, also known as an iPaaS (integration platforms as a service), offer a one-stop shop to create, deploy, and test all of your integrations. They can connect cloud to ground, cloud to cloud and everything in between, at a reasonable subscription cost. With an iPaaS, users can easily and quickly collect and share data between all of their systems so you can get a complete view of customers and your business. And, it works just like all of your other SaaS apps. You just log-in and start integrating.

TIBCO’s iPaaS, TIBCO Cloud Integration, is unique. It is the only integration platform designed for users of all technical levels, designed to support reuse through API-lead functionality, and built on open source. It’s a revolutionary solution on the market today. TIBCO Cloud Integration:

  • Automates everyday workflows
  • Gives you quick time to results
  • Offers a low barrier to entry (both with cost and ease of use)
  • Connects all of your SaaS apps without IT

Come see TIBCO Cloud Integration in action in a series of upcoming live demos.

The live demos are running through November. Bring your questions and use cases as these are meant to be highly interactive sessions. We also recommend you start your TIBCO Cloud Integration trial so you can follow along in real time.

See you at the demos!