Get Back to My Data!

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If you are like me, the data I need to do my job exists not only in the cloud. It can be hard to get to all data sources, especially when those are on-premises and behind a firewall. I am not alone, as pretty much everyone is facing these challenges. In fact, Gartner predicted that over sixty-five percent of all integration flows will be created outside of the control of IT departments as a result of the growing number of integration related tasks that they need to take care of. Simply put, organizations today are integrating to everything. The ‘everything’ in the last sentence not only includes Software-as-a-Service applications like or NetSuite, but also includes applications and services hosted in private networks and datacenters.  

IT departments are increasingly looking for ways to provide services to departments and lines of business by allowing them to do their own integration using tools and platforms they provide. Leveraging applications and services that are hosted in datacenters and combining that with SaaS provides the IT team with a whole new set of challenges and questions with the most important one being around security. ‘How can I make sure that my network and my data are accessed securely?’

There are multiple ways to get access to your corporate network and data, but many of them require downloading and installing software. This is a task which many IT departments are not particularly fond of. When other employees downloand and install software, they expose data to the rest of the Internet. With TIBCO Cloud Integration, we want to make getting back to your data as easy as possible, without installing any additional software. With that in mind, we turned to a trusted solution that has been allowing employees to access corporate networks for years, Virtual Private Networks.

With the VPN capability of TIBCO Cloud Integration, you can connect to on-premises sources leveraging security infrastructure already in place in private networks and datacenters. You can either give each individual app its own VPN connection or you can design an app that bridges between cloud and on-premises. No matter which of the two you pick,  there is no software to install! Just configure your VPN connection and get back to your data in a secure manner.

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