University of Chicago Medicine Improves Patient Care with Data

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Combining compassionate patient care and groundbreaking medical and biological research, the University of Chicago Medicine (U Chicago Medicine) is at the forefront of facing the world’s most pressing medical challenges.

“One of our goals is to deliver superior healthcare, and part of our mission is to be a leader in our industry through advancements in medical innovation and through serving health needs,” says Chief Enterprise Architect Christine Watts. “We have silos within technology as well as functional areas, and we needed to change our culture. We needed a technology platform that allowed us to integrate systems and centralize data so we could get information into the hands of the people who need it.”

U Chicago Medicine chose TIBCO BusinessEvents streaming analytics, TIBCO BusinessWorks integration, TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service message-oriented middleware, TIBCO HAWK monitoring and management, and TIBCO Spotfire data analytics. These technologies were used to integrate systems, centralize and correlate data, and get the right information to the right people at the right time, so they could turn it into action. The results were stunning:

  • Cardiac arrests in the hospital reduced by an estimated 15 to 20%
  • Real-time alerts based on real-time data flowing directly from devices monitoring patients throughout the hospital and ICU
  • An anticipated $600,000/year in cost savings from reducing operating room (OR) turnover time by 15–20% (4 minutes/room)
  • Another $500K/year in savings and another 15–20% in reduced OR turnover time anticipated in the next phase of implementation
  • Fewer patient re-admissions for certain patient classes by using a predictive algorithm that combines static and real-time data to better identify those patients and make sure they get the right care
  • A TIBCO Trailblazer award

Find out more about University Chicago Medicine and their life- and cost-saving projects.

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