Do They Practice What They Preach?

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Are you wondering if what TIBCO says is easy is actually easy? Everybody ‘knows’ that we are in a data-driven culture where making decisions using data is the way to go. That’s why you see words like “data-discovery” mapped to “ROI” on just about every business website. However, the truth—more often than not—is that those selling a BI tool don’t have access, let alone know how to use their own product! At TIBCO, Spotfire has made analytics so accessible and easy to use that people in our company use it daily.

Most people think that we have IT experts do their analyses for us. But why ask for help and wait around when you can do it yourself? You don’t have to be a wizard to see patterns and identify trends. Spotfire works with a person’s natural abilities to take data and create meaningful interactive visualizations so fast and easy that ultimately, self-service is the way to go.

Here’s how:

1. Spotfire’s in-memory processing makes visual data interaction responsive like natural thought.

2. Recommended visualizations appear automatically when you select the data you want to analyze.

3. Spotfire’s in-database engine maximizes the usage of native data source capabilities when retrieving data which speed up your analytic experience.

4. Regression models predict profit and expenses or classification models to identify fraud. No programming required.

People at TIBCO use Spotfire and love it. Spotfire empowers people by giving insights for making better decisions insofar that it can be used at the workplace and at home to optimize your life at all levels. Don’t believe us? See what TIBCO employees have to say about it…