Apps Associates and CargoSmart Drive Real Business Transformations with TIBCO Solutions

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Apps Associates enables fast-responding digital businesses

Apps Associates is a global technology and business services organization that provides solutions for cloud, analytics, and integration. Its mission is to partner with customers to enable business improvement by streamlining business processes using advanced technology.

The company’s customers need to respond to business demands and get an edge over competitors; therefore, solutions have to be flexible, scalable, extensible, and easy to adapt to business demands. The goal was to help reduce cost by using managed service offerings to increase operational efficiency. Several customers were trying to understand the value of APIs, especially as a solution to a siloed environment. TIBCO Cloud Integration platform and TIBCO Mashery proved to be the right solution.

“One of the biggest differentiators TIBCO has compared to other middleware vendors is the cloud-first strategy, the model the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform is built on. It’s so easy that a less experienced developer can build the integration and connect the source and target systems. Compared to other middleware platforms, the developer productivity improvements we are seeing are very, very significant—between 20 to 35%,” says Pandu Prudhvi, practice director, Integration and Custom Development. “Typically, we enable core business processes hosted on-premises, and transform them using APIs managed in the cloud with TIBCO Mashery. We manage all the API analytics through Mashery.”

Read the Apps Associates case study to see what their new capabilities are doing for its clients.

CargoSmart delivers solutions for improved decision making and costs

CargoSmart provides global shipment management software solutions that enable shippers, consignees, logistics service providers, non-vessel operating common carriers, and ocean carriers to improve planning and on-time deliveries.

The shipping industry is becoming more dynamic due to greater competition, shifting ocean carrier alliances, and the need for better insights and faster decision-making. Customer sophistication was also growing, and there was demand for improved visibility and performance. CargoSmart wanted to use advanced analytics to provide unprecedented visibility so ocean carriers could plan ahead in case of disruption and make use of real-time analysis to improve decision-making. “Without it, carriers will have higher costs due to, for example, higher terminal handling fees and bunker costs. These are costs that prevent them from satisfying their customers,” says Ralph Ho, senior manager of customer integration.

“We began our relationship with TIBCO in 2007 when we started building an event-driven architecture. It’s a platform that processes a large amount of data from many different kinds of sources. We’ve continuously evolved, and are now adding TIBCO Spotfire for predictive analytics. It has powerful analytic tools that can be accessed from any location, any device, any platform—and data visualization that we can offer to customers so they can quickly adapt to their changing needs.”

With its TIBCO platform, CargoSmart can rely on high throughput, low cost to scale, and fast time-to-market, which allowed it to increase the number of vessels it monitors by 4x. In addition, using its real-time event processing and detection engine, one carrier customer reported that 90% of its vessel schedule updates could be completed within an hour, whereas before only 32% could be completed in that time.

Read the case study to learn about the new event processing applications CargoSmart has built and where its taking the shipping industry using predictive analytics and machine learning.

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