Measure and Maximize Value from Your API Ecosystem

Unlock operational and business insights with modern API analytics

Analyzing API performance and value is crucial for the success of your API strategy. Successful adoption of APIs requires monitoring and management of all operational aspects of the API program, including best-in-class data visualization and KPI reporting capabilities for assessing progress toward your goals.


API Analytics: Deliver insight-driven results

Deliver insight-driven results

Monitor API usage trends and patterns including latency, error rates, cache performance, usage patterns, and call spikes. Empower API product managers with customizable dashboards for intelligent API analytics.

API Analytics: Enhance customer experience

Enhance the customer experience

See at a glance who's using, and how they're using, your APIs. API analytics can help you understand usage at the method level to spot trends in developer engagement, adoption, and use and identify a future roadmap of investments.

API Analytics: Mitigate risk and troubleshoot

Mitigate risk and troubleshoot

Leverage real-time monitoring and alerts on system thresholds, capacity, and payloads to safeguard your APIs and data from potential danger. Use real-time call tracing to drill down into API call flows and identify problem areas and failure points.

API Analytics: Business-centric API analytics

Measure your business impact

Gain deep insights into the ROI of your API program through business-centric analytics that show impact on objectives. Make better decisions on future investments that align with company priorities and drive long-term growth.


API Analytics: Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards

Build custom API dashboards for business-grade analytics and KPIs for data-driven decisions and responses to customer and market changes.

API Analytics: Templates & Accelerators

Templates & Accelerators

Create and implement standardized business solutions to accelerate growth and comply with industry regulations.

API Analytics: Real-time Analysis

Real-time Analysis

Use operational reporting and monitoring of real-time components and API traffic.

API Analytics: API Business Analytics

API Business Analytics

Monitor ecosystem performance and graphically visualize custom operational and usage-based KPIs progress through endpoint drilldown.

API Analytics: API Operational Reports

API Operational Reports

Ensure API program performance across global regions by monitoring trends in API usage, including latency, error rates, cache performance, time patterns, and call spikes. For on-premises deployments, monitor components and containers for CPU/memory and health.

API Analytics: Advanced Analytics Extensions

Advanced Analytics Extensions

Analyze your APIs within TIBCO Cloud™ API Management software. Or analyze export batch or streaming data for advanced analytics with tools like TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® analytics.

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