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Analytics Deliver Deeper Insight into Your APIs

Successful developer adoption of APIs requires monitoring and management of all operational aspects of an API program.

Publishing an API for external consumption is just one step in an API lifecycle. Acquiring a deeper understanding of the ongoing business and technical impact of your APIs requires robust API analytics.


Get Operational Visibility into API Performance

Monitor for trends and patterns in your API usage, including latency, error rates, cache performance, usage patterns, and call spikes. View results in a variety of easy to understand dashboards for intelligent API analytics.

Get Operational Visibility into API Performance

Understand How Your APIs Are Being Used

See at a glance who’s using, and how they’re using, your APIs. API analytics to help you understand usage at the method level to spot trends in adoption and usage patterns.

Understand How Your APIs Are Being Used

Troubleshoot Using API Call Tracing

Having problems with API errors? Use our real-time call tracing feature to drill down into API call flows to help identify problem areas and failure points.

Export Call Log Data for External Use

Have it your way. Export the full range of API call log data to TIBCO SpotfireⓇ or the customized API analytics environment of your choice, or push log data to billing software to monetize your APIs.

Export Call Log Data for External Use

Get API Access to Dashboard & Reporting Data

Access any of the data displayed in the out-of-the-box dashboards and reports via an API reporting tool for programmatic export and reuse.

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