Liquid Telecom Makes Solid Improvements with TIBCO

Liquid Telecom is the leading independent data, voice, and IP provider in eastern, central, and southern Africa. It supplies fiber optic, satellite, and international carrier services to Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, and businesses of all sizes.

Migration from the wholesale and enterprise sector to the retail market had created the need to automate many of its systems. The company has a large number of operating companies throughout the region, and it wanted to enable autonomy for the large companies and support the smaller ones. Legacy systems, and a lack of requirements and documented internal processes were problems that if not resolved would increase operational complexity, internal fraud, and cost, due to lost revenue and additional systems.

“Our tech objectives were to enable integration of legacy systems in a very low friction manner, easily set up a number of green field projects architected for future growth and development, and promote system and component reuse throughout the organization. We also needed to increase visibility to allow the business to react to changing requirements,” explained Development Team Leader John Oxley. “Our transformational business initiatives required an expandable platform that would allow us to encapsulate low-level technical functions and compose them into a high-level business tasks. To be future-proof, we required an enterprise services bus, process engine, and a catalogue-based provisioning system.”

Learn about the TIBCO platform Liquid Telecom adopted—BusinessWorks 6, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO Fulfillment Provisioning, and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM—and how the company is using it to capture advantages such as faster, smoother development; less complexity; improved customer response; and an easier future.

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