Discovery Partner Markets Insures Healthy Success for Insurance Companies Around the World

Discovery Partner Market’s Vitality wellness platform, used by insurance carriers around the world, aims to improve the health of policyholders and reward them when they meet their goals. To provide the Vitality rewards and a health platform, the company needed to integrate with insurance companies as well as with numerous rewards and health partners. Every deployment meant going into six or seven countries in a region and addressing regionalization and customization differences. The integrations were intense, costly, and time consuming.

“The aspiration was to have a common, standardized, secure, global integration that gives clients the ability to call back-end services from multiple locations,” explains CIO Neil Adamson.

Today, DPM uses TIBCO integration and analytics technology to collect huge amounts of data all day every day from users across the world in real time, including from virtually any number of wearable devices. It does this while supplying its insurance company customers with the security, reliability, performance, and functionality they expect.

Learn how Discovery Partner Markets met these challenge while reducing duplication of effort, coding, and testing by 80 to 90%.