How MAIF Insured Member Satisfaction and Partner Channel Performance

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As a self-described activist insurer, and the fifth largest insurance provider in France, MAIF offers its members full protection for all circumstances of life. It strives to meet these needs through collaborative economics, which includes personal services (domestic assistance, education, financial and banking services, and others) delivered through subsidiaries and authorized affiliates. For 11 years running, MAIF has received the highest member satisfaction in its category.

“Insurance is a highly competitive market, and digitalization is having a big impact,” says Benoit Louis, middleware consulting and support manager. “Our members use a lot of channels, and they expect to have their needs met quickly. We needed to improve performance across all channels. The challenge was all the isolated applications and information in our systems. If we didn’t resolve these issues, we would not have been able to meet member needs. We would have less robust capabilities to offer, and we would have difficulties getting services to market quickly.”

The company needed to develop agility, starting with its IT systems. It needed to modernize legacy systems, scale information flow, and accelerate time to market. Learn how they did it and why they won a TIBCO Trailblazer award in the Impact category.