CTI Solutions Group Advances Its Product Lifecycle Management Suite with Jaspersoft

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CTI Solutions provides a complete suite of web-based workflow management products for a modular path to managing digital resources. Over time, the company found itself becoming more involved in monitoring across the customer domain—wholesale inventory, sales by style, SKUs.

“We offered analytics via Microsoft Excel and other tools in both HTML and downloadable formats,” says CEO Rick Daffron . “We had 12 local full-time programmers and another 30 offshore, and about six of them were dedicated to maintaining task reporting for 93 countries throughout the world. We got to a point that we couldn’t keep up with programming and maintenance. We just could not continue that way.”

CTI began looking for a more automated, more uniform solution, and one that would supply several options for presenting information, both online and through downloads. “If we didn’t move to a more agile reporting and data handling system, we would not be able to satisfy clients’ growing needs for timely information or hire the talent we needed to grow,” says Mr. Daffron.

CTI Solutions moved to the TIBCO Jaspersoft dedicated analytic engine and was able to focus on recording rather than maintenance. Read about how doing so brought a superior user experience, 70% reduced overhead, huge time savings, and increased competitiveness.