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Jaspersoft is providing new and innovative options that we can pass on to our clients, and it’s really exceeded our expectations in a lot of ways. Customers have told us that our solutions and reporting capabilities are far superior to our competitors.

Rick Daffron, Founder and CEO, CTI Solutions Group

CTI Solutions Group Advances their Product Lifecycle Management Suite with Jaspersoft

Better user experience and reporting, faster data collection and access


CTI Solutions began looking for a new reporting solution for customers because, as CEO Rick Daffron describes, “They were becoming more involved in monitoring everything—wholesale inventory, sales by style, SKUs. We offered analytics via Excel and other tools in both HTML and downloadable formats. We had 12 local full-time programmers and another 30 offshore, and about six of them were dedicated to maintaining task reporting for 93 countries throughout the world. We got to a point that we couldn’t keep up with programming and maintenance. We just could not continue that way.

“We needed a more automated, more uniform solution, and one that would supply a lot of different ways to present information, both online and
downloadable,” continues Mr. Daffron. “If we didn’t move to a more agile reporting and data handling system, we would not be able to satisfy clients’ growing needs for timely information or hire the talent we needed to grow.

“By moving to a dedicated analytic engine, we could focus on recording rather than maintenance. We could also offer real-time data and an environment that was more attuned to experience rather than tasks, which would differentiate us from our competition.”


The company needed to display information in online graphical visualizations as well as in exported Excel format. “After looking for about a year at all the different engines, watching several demos, talking to clients and users, we determined that TIBCO Jaspersoft® would have the quickest learning curve and the most user-friendly interface. What drove us to Jaspersoft is that over the last 25 years we’ve learned that the more information you have and can slice and dice, the more of a foundation you have for effectively running your business. We believed the same would be true for our customers.”


Superior User Experience and Reporting
Daffron says he knows that CTI Solutions provides a better user experience because clients continue to ask for more reports. “Not only canned reports but ad hoc capabilities. Jaspersoft is providing new and innovative options that we can pass on to our clients, and it’s really exceeded our expectations in a lot of ways.

“Customers have told us that our solutions and reporting capabilities are far superior to our competitors. I just had a conversation with a client who sold off part of their business, and the buyer is replacing their own system with our software because of the quality and quantity of reports that we produce faster and with better information.

“Being able to export to Excel, and PNG, and PowerPoint, was a big plus because a lot of information our clients collect needs to be shown to their customers in a graphic or PowerPoint display. Multiple formats were not really something we thought we needed, but now we probably couldn’t live without that feature.

“We have about six standardized reports that we sell as part of the package, and we customize additional reports. An average client has about 9 to 10 reports running monthly. And maintaining Jaspersoft reports probably takes us 20 to 30% less time than multiple tabbed Excel documents. We’ve seen a 70% reduction in our overhead.”


Better Information, Faster Data Collection and Access
Jaspersoft analytics has given customers faster access to more current data, and that helps them feel more in control of their businesses, says Daffron. “A lot of our clients are very engaged in their customers’ businesses, in making sure that month-to-month they have the right products on the shelf. The benefit of getting information faster is understanding the present business environment. Relevant and immediate information is necessary to making good decisions and the only way to do that is with an analytic engine,” he says.


Increased Competitiveness, Lower Overhead
When CTI Solutions began its workflow management business, analytics put them in a very elite group. “But now, we have several highly qualified competitors in the market,” says Mr. Daffron. “We felt that we really needed to continue to strive to set the bar higher through the use of smart technology, and we’ve found in the last three years that analytics is a big plus for us. We have nine Jaspersoft clients right now, and I expect by the end of 2016, we’ll have 30.


Daffron continues, “We will continue to push reporting as a necessary addition to our clients’ solutions. We believe the future of our business is reporting, and delivering analysis using a graphical tool is totally required. It’s key to running a smart business.”


Reduction in overhead with Jaspersoft

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