The Need for Speed: Faster Data Explorations

The Importance of Faster Data Explorations

We all aspire to achieve “insights at the speed-of-thought” in our everyday interactions with data. Given the ever-compounding volume, velocity, complexity, and variety of data generated today, the need to explore data with speed is becoming imperative so users can transform their data challenges into growth opportunities and gain insights faster.

So what does faster data exploration really imply?

There are numerous ways to achieve faster data exploration in order to recognize the value in your data and make better, informed business decisions. It starts with a streamlined analytics interface so users can experience speed and fluidity in their data discovery journey.

An easy-to-use data analytics platform that makes exploration, navigation, and the user interface simple, intuitive, and seamless can play a key role in a positive user experience and drive faster time-to-insights. For example, interface features that help streamline how you find, organize, and filter data in and out of your data visualizations can really simplify the analytics process.

Exploring and interacting with your data directly from within a visualization without interrupting your train of thought can help you gain insights fast. Examples include: highlighting different elements of data right in your graph to create a new category of data without having to make changes in the data source,the ability to select the exact data you want to explore with a single click, dragging to mark an area of interest, selecting (or deselecting) a category right from the legend, or a simple click on an axis to configure a graph’s look and feel.

Highly interactive, easy-to-use features help you to glide through the data exploration process to discover new trends, patterns, and outliers—all at the speed of thought. It’s not only empowering, but fun and rewarding, too.

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