Black Friday Battles: From Red to Black

Black Friday is America. Every year, people huddle in the cold for a chance at snagging a discounted salad shooter. It’s a tradition now. Retailers are wise to this phenomenon—you could even say they created it—and with good reason. Most stores go into the holiday season in the red, and leave in the black. The month of December is crunch time… their last chance to make a buck for their fiscal year. It’s a battlefield. While consumers battle over the hottest toy, retailers battle to stock it, sell it at a discount, and make sure everyone knows about it.

Still, there’s no crystal ball for determining what items will be in demand this year, and exactly how much demand there will be. Using analytics, one can form a pretty educated guess, but by the time you see real results, it can be too late. To keep everything in stock, and make your customers happy, you need to be in tune with what people want at each and every step. The best way to do that is by listening, and looking at what they’re actually buying. Event processing makes this possible by giving you a real-time view of purchasing behavior. With a Fast Data platform behind them, retailers can go a step further and use this data to make decisions on what to stock, and what to discount, all in time for it to make a difference.

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