[INFOGRAPHIC] Log Data: It Isn’t Just for Security Anymore…

TIBCO’s log platform stronghold has been in security and compliance for a number of years, but more and more of our customers are finding innovative uses for machine data. For example, one customer is feeding log data directly into its customer support center for troubleshooting connection problems to its online services. Another customer monitors its online services to ensure agreements with its customers are met. 

Find Hidden Value in Machine Data

It’s not just our customers who are finding innovative uses for machine data. In a recent survey, we found that operational intelligence is the fastest growing use of log data, with 40 percent of customers planning to expand their operational intelligence initiatives next year. We are rapidly evolving our software to support these new use cases, and make it easier than ever for IT to find the hidden value in machine data. New uses of machine data require more flexibility than traditional security-centric vendors.

One of the most frequently cited problems in the survey was the challenge associated with interpreting log data. A lot of expertise is required, and it’s not scalable for an IT organization to require so much training of its staff. The same study showed that only 19 percent of IT users are happy with their current log management software. That’s a lot of unhappy IT people that need a simpler solution.

To learn more about the challenges IT organizations are facing with machine data, and see how your company compares, check out the below infographic based on the survey we commissioned with Spiceworks. You can also download the infographic here.

TIBCOLogLogic Infographic1

TIBCOLogLogic Infographic2

TIBCOLogLogic Infographic3