What Vision Gets You

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The new Gartner Magic Quadrant for On-Premise Application Integration has just been published, and, once again, TIBCO is positioned as a Leader. Register to download the report. Over the past decade, no other company has been positioned in the Integration MQ’s Leaders quadrant more often than TIBCO. Why, and what makes us different? In a word: vision.

We’ve always been a visionary with many firsts, which is how we got our name: The Information Bus Company. Our founder and CEO Vivek Ranadivé invented the enterprise service bus more than 20 years ago, followed by many other technologies enumerated below. Innovation and entrepreneurship is in our DNA; we recruit for it.

But so what? How does that help customers?

Breadth of Tightly Integrated Functions Helps Fuel Growth

While other vendors either supply a broad range of functions that are not tightly integrated or a small set of narrowly focused functions that are, our application platform supplies both broad and tightly integrated functionality. With TIBCO, you can integrate applications of all types, and as needed add event processing, middleware messaging, monitoring, business process management, master data management, managed file transfer, and other technologies more easily and at less cost. That’s vision at work and a clear advantage for customers.

Innovation Brings Down Costs

Everyone is adopting mobile and web delivery channels now, and we have added features that help integrate web, mobile, and cloud applications using native support for REST, an open API, and out-of-the box high availability without additional software or hardware.

Our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provides ready-to-use integration templates to jump-start integration projects without capital expenditure. That’s a clear advantage, too.

Vision Translates into Less Business Risk

Our integration solutions scale from small, to petabyte SAP, to cloud-hosted projects. If you want to assess your needs and choose the right solutions for scaling IT to support your growth at less cost and less risk, check out the interactive Integration Maturity Model tool.