How to Remember Everyone’s Name (And Their Purchase History)

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One of the reasons people love going to small businesses is that they remember your name. More than that, they remember what you like, and who you are. There’s power in a name and, all too often, larger businesses miss out on this.

Recognizing a Face in the Crowd

Some consumers will always prefer an anonymous transaction; many find themselves longing for a personal touch. This poses a challenge. When you’re running a coffee shop on the corner, it’s easy to recognize a face; when you’re running a company with thousands of customers, it can be difficult to remember anything about someone.

Personal Touch Matters When You’re Traveling

TUI Group is a leisure travel company that specializes in hotels and cruises. As you can imagine, hospitality is a field where personal touches matter. TUI Group had plenty of information about its customers, but it was siloed and thus not accessible to the people who could use it.

TUI Group redesigned its core systems so the infrastructure could communicate with engagement systems in real time. This, combined with master data management, created a comprehensive and accessible source of customer information. The company can now anticipate customers’ needs and make their transactions just a little more personal. You don’t expect big companies to know exactly what you want, but with the right tools they can at least know who you are.

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