Asurion: Protecting Value When Tech Goes Rogue

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It happens: A phone ends up in the pool, a TV fries out, a tablet turns up missing. What happens next is the business of Asurion: They provide the services that let you quickly recover and rebound back to your hyper-connected, tech-fueled lives. When a device is damaged, lost, or not functioning normally, the company provides users with the means and support to rapidly replace, repair, locate, or access data from all things electronic.

Would You Like a Side of Complexity with Your Growth Goals?

Asurion is in a continual race against the clock to meet the needs and steep demands of its customers. From the moment a claim is filed to the second a request is fulfilled, speed, quality, and time-to-completion are top priority. Executing ultra-fast turnaround on the front-end requires real-time data exchange and processing across wireless carriers, retailers, and service locations worldwide. It’s a mission and scale that’s difficult to realize, with applications unique among carriers, and business models widely varying across geographic locations.

Integration: Realizing Scalability, Flexibility, & Speed

The implementation of Asurion’s portfolio of services requires maximum flexibility to integrate multiple carriers, and today, Asurion has mastered automated, cross-platform claims processing. Within a few hours of submission, a claim will be scanned for fraud, partner data will be accessed and exchanged, and inventory will be determined. In just one day, an Asurion customer will have a replacement or the original device back in working order.

Using TIBCO, Asurion has been able to minimize the custom development time required to make this level of service possible, reducing integration time of new partners from months to weeks.

By reducing development time, Asurion can now focus on optimizing its systems and adding new value to its business. It is making better decisions based on the tremendous amount of data flowing through its systems. Using BusinessWorks, it not only has visibility into data, but can build data-enabled services. Asurion now reacts to its data in real time, triggering action within the business, and elevating customer service quality by tracking, identifying, and responding to patterns in customer data on an individual level.

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