Eurocopter Is Taking Customer Service to New Heights

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Eurocopter—which produces and sells civil and military helicopters—is a leader in the civilian market, and possesses a solid market share in the military domain. Like many companies, integration is playing a key role in assisting them in meeting both short- and long-term organizational goals.

Building A Strong Foundation

The company objective is to satisfy customers and fulfill requirements for consistent flight missions, by providing them with innovative and reliable products, as well as advanced customer services (such as condition-based maintenance, customized technical fabrication, and technical support).

To meet these goals, the company is working to overcome a few internal information challenges. First, improve the level of integration of all system backbones, which will support the automation of internal processes. Without robust systems, integration growth is dramatically slowed.

Second, in creating extended processes—to sustain the company’s global strategy around subsidiary deployment and worldwide spare-part distribution—they need to effectively support the collaborative processes that the company shares with supplies and partners.

And third, collect more and more operational data to improve products and propose advanced customer services.

Overcoming Information Challenges

Harnessing the collective capabilities provided by TIBCO—from a central integration platform and business-to-business (B2B) data exchange to messaging and event processing—Eurocopter is setting the foundation to overcome these challenges.

The company’s eyes are set on automating internal processes by raising the level of integration capabilities of all core systems. In doing so, they’ll be able to support excellent enterprise processes, essential to all of the subsidiaries they have to integrate with, and support the worldwide distribution model for spare parts. They’ll also be able to automate collaborative processes with suppliers and partners, which will facilitate secure data collection around all processes.

The end goal is clear: increase the way they collect operational data coming from customers, ground stations, networks, and, essentially, analyze this data to improve products and propose advanced services to customers.

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