How Is the World Connected Like Never Before?

TIBCO recently attended the 1WorldSync show in San Antonio, Texas. At this show, the major retailers and consumer products companies gathered to discuss the very real issue of information flow.

What Information is Important?

When a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company creates a new product, there is a great deal of data about that product that is relevant to the sales channel. Information such as weight and size are obvious, but product content, refrigeration life, shelf life, etc. are also important. For any given product, it is possible to have hundreds, if not thousands, of attributes that must be communicated by the manufacturer to the retailer. This situation begs for management throughout the process.

On both sides, the most effective method of management is a Master Data Management (MDM) solution. MDM should have a flexible architecture to handle the thousands of attributes. The architecture also needs a robust process management capability so that product, category, and sales managers can approve the important characteristics of a product.

Complexity Made Simple

TIBCO’s MDM excels at this task. With its flexible architecture it can easily handle millions of attributes of a product. Since it is a truly flexible multi-domain system, it can accommodate the complex requirements of a manufacturer and a retailer.

No longer is it required to retype information simply because it came from a supplier; no longer is it required create batch files that must be sent from one company to another. The world has evolved to the point where information can be managed from the point of manufacturing, to the point of sale. The information can be given to a consumer in a truly connected world.

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